“Sue has probably done more to change my life in the past year than anyone else. She has touched and changed my children’s lives as well. She is a great and a positive force and there should be more like her.” – Melissa F. San Diego, CA

“Sue is an angel who came into my life five years ago when I was at my lowest point, healthwise. Sue is passionate about her work with her patients, and it is easy to see that she truly cares about their well-being by simply looking at the amount of time and research she expends on the health issues of each patient. She is well grounded in her medical background and education, while offering many practical and proven approaches through natural means. Rather than masking symptoms with drugs, Sue’s approach is to seek out the root cause, and then aid the body in healing itself and acheiving the right balance. I would recommend anyone to Sue, no matter what the medical situation is. If you have questions or concerns whatsoever about your health, Sue can most likely answer them. At the very least, she will be honest and straight-forward with you while guiding you on your search for answers. I can honestly say that Sue and Perk Up! turned my life around. And that is no exaggeration. My husband and family can attest to it” – Deb, San Diego, CA

“Working with Sue has helped me gain control of my life, my health, and my figure! Sue is knowledgeable, supportive, and fun to work with. She makes healthy food easy to understand and healthy eating easy to do!” – JT, Poway, CA

“Your healing touch and nutritional counseling have give me hope. With your help, I have relief from my depression and can now ‘perk up’ and enjoy this wonderful gift of life.” – Jill, San Diego, CA

“She knows how to help you change.” – Judy, San Diego, CA

“Before coming to Perk Up!, I had given up hope of living painfree with energy. Sue is now my go-to person. I consult with her on all types of holistic healing. I have never felt better. Thank you Sue!”– Joan, San Diego, CA