Perk Up! Health Center supports your health goals and needs through an integrative wellness approach that blends the impact of food and nutrition with medical science and your day-to-day lifestyle.

Our focus is to remove what your body has to deal with and add what your body needs to heal with!”

We start by evaluating and seeking out the underlying nutritional deficiencies that may be associated with acute and chronic health issues. Led by Functional Medicine Nutrition expert, Sue Dieffenbach, we work together with medical doctors, therapists and various health professionals to design a personalized, cooperative plan and solution that will help you reach your goals. Perk Up! is committed to providing continuous education and support that help to maintain optimum health for all their patients.

Beyond our expert services, we offer nutritional supplements, medical foods and treatment plans that jumpstart your new lifestyle and provide support as you work toward the results you want.

Our Founder

orig-sue-8358-72ppi1Sue Dieffenbach founded the Perk Up! Health Center in 1999.

Sue is a registered nurse and board certified clinical nutritionist with a Master’s degree in human nutrition. As a former ICU nurse and a current educator and patient advocate, she blends her passion for nutritional biochemistry and physiology with a holistic appreciation of the interplay between mind and body.

She has a functional medicine approach to health and believes that wellness education in a nurturing environment is the best way to empower people to take charge of their lives and make healthy changes. Her ability to make complicated health issues understandable and entertaining has made her a popular teacher and lecturer on many topics.